• Custom Touches, Designed By You

    A few years ago we showcased a few of our gelcoat color options in a post. Now it’s time for the young skippers to put their own styling touches on our fleet. Since we’re big on customization we thought we’d…

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  • Southport 292
    Bow Rise: What it means and why it is a bad characteristic

    The importance of low bow rise, and where it comes from This week we are returning to a discussion of hull form in response to several questions generated by an earlier blog regarding bow rise. It might seem obvious to…

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  • How does boat show come together
    How on Earth does a Boat Show come together?

    If you are on this site it is safe to assume you’ve been to a boat show or two in your life, and undoubtedly at some point probably wondered “How on earth does all of this come together?”. The answer…

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  • Southport deadrise
    Deadrise- What does it mean and what does it do?

    A very common number thrown around when comparing boats, especially Center Consoles, is the Deadrise Angle of the hull measured at the transom. Because most planing hulls when “on plane” ride on the aft 30-50% of the hull, the deadrise…

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  • Southport Maintenance Pointers
    Maintenance Pointers and Notes from Southport – Pumps

    This week, we’re talking about pumps- how to keep them happy and operational for as long as possible. A typical Southport will have at least half a dozen pumps: macerators, bilge pumps, fresh and saltwater, and livewells. Each of these…

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  • Southport 33
    A Very Unique 33

    If you’ve been paying attention to the Southport social media pages, you have probably seen the latest 33 FE to leave the shop, dubbed internally as the “tan boat” and the “cream boat”. This was a special project for us,…

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