The Southport 33 FE at Newport, Rhode Island

The Southport 33 FE was launched in the Spring of 2014. This video shows hull #1 running through the waters of Narragansett Bay just outside of Newport, Rhode Island.

Southport Boats Approved for Yamaha Helm Master System

Southport Boats is pleased to announce that Yamaha has validated their new Helm Master system for use on the Southport 27CC model with twin 250 / 300 hp outboards and the Southport 29CC / TE models with twin 300 / 350hp outboards. Tested at Lauderdale Marina in Florida, Southport’s hull designed proved to be very responsive to the Helm Master system delivering excellent results. According to Yamaha’s application engineers on site the 27CC results were in the top 10% of all boats tested! Yamaha’s Helm Master system is a digitally integrated system that uses an enhanced binnacle control, LCD screen, electronic steering, an electronic ignition, a theft deterrent system and a joy stick to deliver a true drive-by-wire system that is easy to use and operate. This system eliminates the need for bow thrusters and puts impressive control at your fingertips.

Center Console Boats: “Full Speed Ahead”

Southport’s Hunt4 design hull was developed to utilize the balance of modern twin power outboards to provide a soft and dry ride, a stable platform, and easy handling. The unique design allows the boat to jump up on plane without bow rise, delivers a surprisingly agile ride, and turns on a dime.



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