Money is always a factor, but you owe it to yourself to sea trial the Southport. I've fished a lot of center consoles and was ready to pull the trigger on a Seahunter. I only went to sea trial the Southport because I had an appointment with Brad and wanted to keep my promise. I was sold 10 minutes into the sea trial. Truly a radically different ride - soft, aggressive and responsive. I bought the TE and it was still family friendly without a bunch of fluff.
Joel B
Gulf Coast, Florida
Just had an amazing trip on our 29 to the Bahamas, with a 3-5 head sea going and a 3-5 following sea returning. Went to Harbour Island, Paradise Island, Chub Cay and Bimini over 8 days covering well over 500 miles and burned 420 gallons of fuel. We had the boat loaded down with suitcases, kid toys, red wagon, tricycle- you name it, we had it. I can't speak highly enough of the Southport. Saw another 29' docked at Atlantis Marina, only they were a tender. Nassau-Chub-Bimini-Hillsboro Inlet I burned 150 gallons, not bad at all.
Michael S
South Florida
My wife and I are really enjoying our 33 FE. Our previous boat was a {90 mph performance boat} which was fun, but our Southport is much more versatile and better riding.”
Curt V
South Florida
AWESOME! Cannot thank you enough for your help. Southport: big enough to build the best in center consoles; small enough to treat the customer like a member of the family.
Bob G
My Southport 29 TE just does everything well. It's a dry, comfortable ride with exceptional fit and finish. It has plenty of storage for tackle or family to provide great fishability. The wide beam makes for a very spacious cockpit and stability while drifting.

We use our boat in the waters of Buzzard Bay, Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Sound. These waters can become extremely choppy especially when the afternoon sea breezes kick in. We often travel 20 to 25 miles out to fish in the morning. I never worry about getting home safely once the seas churn up later in the day. Our boat is five years old and it still feels as good as new.
Southport Boats’ new 29 Tournament Edition was all it took to realize that this is a fiberglass fishing fortress.
Lenny R.
Beautiful! We crushed the stripers off OCMD on my 29 CC this past weekend. There was a stiff 10- to 15-knot wind out of the northeast and the boat handled it like a boss.
Patrick M.
We love a 29 Southport. We are so happy with the design and performance and have been smiling ever since!! I included a recent video of our latest trip fishing the Baltimore Canyon out of Cape May, New Jersey. We love our Southport!
David F.
Cape May, NJ
What a wonderful boat; it took everything we – and some very tricky seas conditions – could throw at it. We found the hull to be remarkably dry.
Simon W.
Tampa, FL
I bought my Southport so I could go offshore fishing out to the canyons and not have any worries about bad weather and be able to get out there fast and back in fast. It has been fantastic. We have been out in some pretty rough weather and the rougher it gets the more you just push the bow down with the trim tabs and it just cuts right through the water. Fantastic fishing platform, it is a foot wider than almost any other boat in its length class and that makes a big difference. We usually go out with 4 to 6 people and we fish comfortably. The nice thing is that we cruise from 35 -40 mph, fuel consumption is not bad so we can get out there and drop in for a good day of fishing and turn around and zip in.
John W.
Newport, RI
When I found this line (Southport) after several years of researching center-consoles, I knew my search was over.

“It’s VERY stable while drifting due to its broad beam. I regularly fish four anglers down one gunwale for striped bass and needed a boat that would not heel over under those circumstances. It’s EXTREMELY economical when considering it carries 500 hp on the stern. I run the boat on plane, and the fuel gauges report 15 to 17 gph, depending upon sea conditions. My Southport is built like a tank and handles sloppy conditions with a very soft and DRY ride, making for happy clients on those ‘sporty’ days.

The lines of this hull are just beautiful in my opinion. The large Carolina-style bow flair and tumblehome aft are something not found in other center-consoles in my area.
Paul M.
Bay Shore, NY
What a fun trip that was for me today! I’m so happy I came up to tour the facility and get a guided tour from Skip and George. The whole experience reinforced my conviction that you guys build a fantastic product. I’m beginning to feel like it’s going to be a long winter as I wait to get my new boat in the water.
Jonathan K
Cape Cod, MA
Southport has a great product in their line of boats and with Customer Service like yours they will be in the forefront for a long time.
It seems a lot of companies forget the importance of Customer Service.
Tampa, FL
I run a 29 CC for the owner. It is a great boat! Had a mate on board that works off a Regulator… he could not get over how well the Southport handled the water. We were taking water over the bow at the time.
Dan J.
Chesapeake Bay
I dive and fish and love my boat. I have had a Boston Whaler, a McKee Craft, Intrepid and Bertram. None compare to my Southport.
David T.


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